Back pain Constipation: how to manage and Instant Relief

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Back pain Constipation: how to manage and Instant Relief


Do you think that back pain caused by chronic constipation? Are you consistently strain in the toilet? You have to hold it until the pain gets unbearable? So, it is likely to be part of the problem of constipation.

Research has shown that apart from constipation, there may also be the root cause of the pain. In this article we will examine the relationship between back pain and constipation. We also show you what we can do to not only cure constipation, but also the causes of back pain, and-if there is one.

Constipation is a common disorder that millions of people each year. This is the main reason for the malaise and back pain and constipation. This may cause more frustrating, painful and debilitating.

Back pain is caused by many factors, and constipation. Among the key factors in the impact of feces is an overloaded intestine. When an individual pains in the back, and constipation, however, this is mostly because of the weight and the pressure of overloaded intestine in the lower back. This is common among adults because of the dietary habits and lifestyle.

The most recent estimates, and statistics show that the future of cold and flu, most people visit their doctors, because it hurts the various parts of the body. While it is normal to come back pains after -particularly aches- a stressful or hectic day exercise, back pain is often a result of constipation. Other causes pain to the back of stress, excessive walking, degenerative disc disease, climbing stairs, bending, heavy lifting and standing for long periods.

If the above-mentioned non-common part of daily activities, and then constipation, it is likely that there are a bout of back pain and constipation. Straining to pass hard stool can cause pain in the lower back. It hurts happens because the anus and inflamed because of the stress put on it when trying to defecate.

Children are also known to suffer from these problems. Parents have been known to their children to the doctor to help diagnose a pain only to find that the child suffers from pain caused by tension in the anal sphincter muscle and nerves. If not treated, it can be so strong that weakens the individual.

How do you know that constipation caused by back pain ?

Look for the following symptoms. If you are present, you are sure to have it.

• constant pain that is not relieved even when lying down.

• The pain is more intense when you’re trying to poop.

• Not only will the lower back. This extends to the upper region of the back.

• The intensity gradually increases, regardless of what pain relief medications can be taken.

• Loss of appetite and nausea feeling.

• numbness and weakness in the legs, buttocks and legs.

• Inability to pass stool and great pressure on the bladder.

What can be done?

It can be treated by various methods. You can opt for laxatives and analgesics. It is important to know whether the painkillers and laxatives or enemas do not mix. However, the meal, oat bran for breakfast is a bowl of All-Bran with a tablespoon, lots of vegetables, whole grain breads and plenty of water can work wonders. Others recommend thyroxine to be very effective.


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