Weak Hamstrings: Ok lower back pain

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Weak Hamstrings: Ok lower back pain


Tight, inflexible hamstrings get a lot of attention as a cause of low back pain, weak hamstrings but it can also be the source. The hamstring muscles are actually a three run from the pelvis to the knee of the back leg. These muscles are used to facilitate the bending of the knees behind the midline of the body, while the hip extends, for example, if you run or walk. The group also helps to have a knee-aligned.

Tight quadriceps and weak hamstrings frequent muscle balance. We tend to use the more quads in everyday life, and many popular exercises in the gym emphasize the development of island-like quads. There are two main ways in which the weak hamstrings can cause back pain.

1 Biomechanics

Hamstrings work the quadriceps to stabilize the movement of the knee and pelvis. This requires that equal muscle strength, length and flexibility. If the Hamstrings weaker than the quadriceps, it is formed by a pulley system of muscles is disrupted. The narrower, shorter quadriceps pull down in front of the pelvis and the knee upward, as the hamstrings too weak to exert offset the pull.

When the pelvis is pulled down in front of the lower back curves inwards. This is called hyper-extension of the lumbar spine. Tight hip muscles erector spinae muscles and the lower back is often accompanied by a weak hamstrings because this postural change. As vertebral angle changes of the spine, increasing the amount of pressure placed on the rear side of the intervertebral discs, which can lead to premature wear on the discs, bulging or herniation. These disc changes can cause sciatica.

2. Fatigue

Weak hamstrings quickly turn into tight hamstrings. Weak muscles get tired quickly because of a lack of strength, and tired muscles go into contraction, to protect themselves from further use. This violent muscle tightening up a situation ripe trunk; Before quadriceps action hamstring fire was restored and extended. The pulled, strained or torn hamstring lead.

When the hamstring injured, the body naturally compensates by applying other nearby muscles to do the work the hamstrings properly. The lower back muscles is called into action when the foot moved, although this activity is beyond the scope of natural duties. The muscles of the back and hips, hamstrings compensating become sore and tense.

Signs of weakness Hamstring

There are some signs that point hamstrings the cause of back pain. If the Hamstrings weaker than the quadriceps, you may find that the lower hanging out, and that there is an exaggerated lumbar curve.

If localized pain in the hamstring and pain in the lower back, then strained hamstring indicated.

Another sign of cracking or clicking the quadricep / disable unbalance the knees when tilted or straightened.

prevention and treatment of

Hamstring weakness and the damage can be prevented by engaging in physical activity, which includes both strengthening and stretching muscle groups, balance, strengthening and providing quadriceps. See Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGTcgPVexrI number of exercises for the hamstrings. 4 See hamstring stretches Http://physicaltherapy.about.com/od/flexibilityexercises/a/hamstingstretch.htm .

Treatment of a well-functioning muscle imbalances requires a combination of a myofascial release and targeted exercise. If the quad has been chronically tight, you need to be forced to relax and stretch again. Foam rolling at home or by a doctor myofascial release can achieve this. After the quadriceps regained their flexibility in the hamstrings can be developed.

A pulled hamstring is usually solved in a short rest and ice. The above steps should be taken in addition to rest and ice to prevent the event of re-injury of the muscle responsible for the balance of the tribe.

It is important to understand that the weak hamstrings can be a source of back pain and hamstring strain. Keep your body balance help to solve back pain.


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